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Virtual Assistants is the largest UK employment agency resource which matches people that work from home with the businesses that need their skills.

Office and administration jobs

Whatever your skills, from book keeping to telesales, there are employers seeking to out-source both long-term jobs and urgent projects.

IT and programming

There are over a thousand jobs currently posted for IT, web design, software and programming skills with employers with projects and work needing Virtual workers with the right skills. If you have IT skills and want to access over a thousand projects available right now, simply submit your profile.

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Some people get all the work. Others get no job offers. This is why:

When you submit your profile - spell check it first! We often see mistakes that make otherwise qualified candidates look too sloppy to risk employing. Employers never choose someone that can't even spell words in their own profile.

When you submit your profile, if you copy and paste it from a document like Word, look at it afterwards to make sure it does not publish with rubbish like <?xml:"/> - if it does, remove the fancy formatting or font styles that cause it. Simple plain text is better. Again, employers never pick a candidate that appears too lazy to check their CV profile looks neat and tidy.

When you submit your profile - do not include a full CV with all work history - employers are too busy - they quickly scan dozens of profiles until they spot one that gets straight to the point and tells them what they really need to know - your skills, and that you are accurate in everything you do - and very, very reliable.

Photograph. A picture of you can be a big plus - or a minus. Even if you look like a movie star, you need to choose the right photo if you want to send the right message to employers. This is your interview, so here are some dos and don'ts: Don't make the photo big - smaller is better because large, or close-up, looks intimidating and egotistical. Don't choose the picture of you lying on the sofa or beer in hand. Be dressed at least smart casual. If your picture fails any of these tests don't use it! Get a friend to take a suitable picture of you. Get it right and employers will feel comfortable picking you, get it wrong and they'll stay away.

When pitching for work, be realistic about your fees. If you think you may be more expensive than other candidates then when you apply for jobs you should justify what extra you bring to the table for the employer to consider the rate you charge money well spent.

Apply for more jobs. There are lots of jobs being listed every day - don't be too choosy, to start with keep applying so that you can get some work history, and good feedback. You just need to get off the mark with good feedback, then the work can start to snowball.

We would always advise caution about publishing personal information on the internet. Your profile will be a page that can be viewed by anyone and the internet is a great source of useful data for the likes of Fred Fraud so don't publish data which can be used to profile your full identity such as full name, your address, names of schools attended, employers names, and your personal contact details. You don't need to include this on your profile anyway as legitimate enquiries will be handled through the web site.

Good luck - if you read this far, and now put it in to practice, you'll already be ahead of others that haven't.

So click here to Become a Virtual Assistant now. Then apply for jobs and wait for the offers to come in!

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Find administrative staff with business and professional experience, and IT and software candidates who are currently working from home and want to put their skills to use. Click here to Find a Virtual Assistant now.

Hiring Virtual Assistants who work from home can save you around half that of taking on in-house or part-time staff - and you get the efficiency and convenience of short-term cover if you need it.

Join us today and list yourself for thousands of UK employers. Click here to see the benefits when you can Work From Home.

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